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Ambrick Painting Company takes pride in offering top-notch commercial painting services in all of southeastern Wisconsin. We stand out as a reputable company using the finest quality products, highly skilled labor, and competitive market rates. Hence, our services are flawless, and the output is remarkable.

We have an experience in a wide variety of commercial projects scaling from warehouses, offices, and schools, to mega office buildings. Moreover, we provide sleek exteriors with attractive interiors and finish carpentry repairing services-a one-stand solution to paint and decorate projects with utmost finesse. 

Our stunning results...

We are not a random painting company boasting about our painting services. However, we are insured, certified, and experienced in the industry for forty years.

The company has supervisors, managers, and staff to yield the best results. Thus, our highly trained staff and skilled labor are efficient enough to make the client’s demands come remarkably true.

Our professional way of catering to a commercial project

Painting and revamping require a strategic approach to yield the desired results. Without a methodic approach, the work is nothing but a chaotic mess. Therefore, the end is haywire paint colors, multiple stains on other surfaces, and mismatched surfaces.

To prevent such mishaps, we deal with our commercial projects step by step regardless of the project’s scale. The following steps are the secret to our top-tier service quality:

  1. Make detailed notes of the customer’s requirements.
  2. Study the site and list all the required equipment.
  3. Take measures of painted walls, repair services, drywalls, plasters, and carpentry finishing.
  4. Arrange all the products to get started.
  5. Instruct labor at each segment and work at the client’s given schedule.
  6. Cover all the different surfaces to avoid mess with plastic and protective cloth.
  7. Apply primer and basecoats before painting to full coverage and adhesion.
  8. Provide alternative options of wallpapers, drywall, texture paints, etc., for damaged and old walls.

The different painting services we offer

Amrick Painting Company is all about painting exterior interiors, installing floors, framing doors, and repairing damaged walls to add a renewed and professional glow to buildings. We can work with themes, color coordination, and different materials for stunning output. Hence, our services will make your building stand out the most. 

Our themed projects include:

  • Post Offices
  • Olive Garden
  • Taco Bell
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Healthcare buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Theme parks
  • Retail shops

For the above locations, our services include:
● Painting exterior and interior
● Revamping damaged walls
● Plaster repairs
● Tile flooring
● Drywalls
● Woodwork

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