We Do What We Say We Are Going To Do

For us, it’s not just our motto, it’s a way of life. When we say we’re going to do it, we mean it. You deserve to live in a well-painted house that you are happy in. Let us give you peace of mind and show you our best work.

Who We Are

Ambrick Painting Co., Inc. is a leading family-run, lead-free full-service painting company located in Franklin, WI and serving all of southeastern Wisconsin. 

It was founded in 1981 by Bill Hubert Sr. and has thrived as a top customer choice for painting and repair services. Our expertise lies in painting and framing the exterior and interior of residential and commercial buildings.

Our supervisors have more than ten years of experience and our skilled painting crew have been serving in the company for decades. With trained staff and a strong work ethic, we’re proud to deliver results to homeowners in need.

Ambrick Painting Company is certified, insured and an accredited member of the BBB. Connect with us today! We’d will be delighted to paint, redecorate, and repair your walls.

Bill Hubert, President

What do we offer?


We are a full-service painting company, but we have a variety of services to offer. Our leading and expert services include:

1. Full-service painting
All the furniture, appliances, accessories, windows, and floors are covered in plastic and a layer of protective cloth to prevent any stains prior to painting. We then apply a layer of primer before painting and depending on the requirements will use brushes or rollers to ensure full and even coverage. 

2. Full-service woodwork
We provide painting and staining services for the woodwork in your home, including cabinets, doors, frames, jambs, and baseboards. The service includes stripping off old stains or finish and applying new layers of varnish or lacquer to any Homewood piece. 

3. Drywall
Drywall services cater to old and patchy walls or plasters to revamp the wall with new coats and textures. Therefore, we remove damaged or old drywall and plaster, frame walls, hang dry walls, apply textures, and match (mud). The surface is finished by applying primer and a new coat of paint.

4.    Wallpaper
Wallpapers are essential to decorate and add a unique feature to your room. We have expertise in removing old wallpapers and redecorating the wall. The reconditioning includes new wallpapers and applying primer paints or textures.

5. Lead-free painter
Ambrick Painting Company is a certified lead-free painting company, eligible to remove lead paints from buildings and all surfaces painted before 1978. Our staff is well-trained in OHSA safety regulation and environmental protection.

6.    Plaster repair
We offer extensive plaster repair services, from repairing holes in the plaster to completely renewing it with a drywall alternative. The services depend on the wall condition and the homeowner needs.

7.  Finish carpentry
Our staff is well-versed in small carpentry works and painting and revamping services. We offer a one-stop solution to our clients along with painting services. Hence, we offer an affordable service package for any interior and exterior needs.

Our woodwork services include:
– Replace exterior and interior woodwork such as doors, sliding, and jambs.
– Insulating and building room decks.
– Basement remodeling.
– Drywall framing.
– Installment of laminate.

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